Wednesday, July 20, 2011


- Milan has been fighting for real sized women, for many years. So why doesn't this become a trend already, so it can spread to all the starving models in Paris, New York, London etc... In the Pasarela de Cibeles in Spain, the models have to have a min BMI of 18.0 (which is considered healthy) but how do we know that the scales aren't modified or that the models are cheating? The industry needs to change, because 15 year old girls are being undernourished. I read Crystal Renn's story in spanish vogue this month, and it was just so heartbreaking to read, that she was at the cusp of death because her agent kept telling her to loose a little more weight, because if she didn't they wouldn't take her in New York. However one day Crystal saw herself and was appalled, she wasn't beautiful anymore, and then she decided to put on weight, and she is considered a "big size model". But why be labeled with that "big sized model" why not label the other girls as "almost dying models".
Most of the designers argue that the reason they want the girls to be thin is because they just need them as hangers for their clothes, on the runway. From a designers point of view i could understand, i mean they work hard, only have one example of couture and want a person that'll for sure fit in it, without the outfit having to be modified. But this isn't healthy and these girls are starving, how many more girls out there are like Crystal Renn?
June's Italian Vogue, has on their cover three beautiful, sexy, smoldering real women on their cover. I actually showed it to my friend and he was like "Woah can i see those girl, they are really hot!", and they are hot, we just need the rest of the fashion industry to think so too.
If your at a show, and you see the clothes attached to a young lady looking like this. How can you still be able to enjoy the show? Knowing that this girl probably hasn't eaten in ages (this isn't event he worst case). Below is the cover of Vogue Italia, and plus size model Crystal Renn.

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