Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oolong Tea

Today me and Ais were studying maths, while we were studying we were enjoying a lovely cup of Oolong Tea, brought back from china.  
Oolong Tea is made from semi-fermented tea leaves, the same tea leaves used to make Green tea, only Green Tea leaves are not fermented.
Oolong Tea means "black dragon tea" and appeared about 400 years ago. It started becoming very popular when research showed that it had anti-obesity properties. it's full of enzymes that break down foods making it easier for them to be metabolized and digested. It's also a cure for headaches and contains detoxification agents, which help cleanse the body. It relieves muscle aches, liver infections, used by smokers and drinkers to cleanse their bodies from toxins. Finally it also counters the effects of rich and greasy foods.
Anecdote: When I was in Beijing, me and my father had a driver named Lee. Lee told us that the Oolong Tea was mainly drunken amongst women, and recommended it to me. 
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  1. I will have to drink it more often if good against muscle aches. Thank you for the info