Monday, January 17, 2011

Music Corner

I'm listening to the new album by Sia: We Are Born

Sia is a 36 year old Auzzie pop singer. She left australia and rose to fame when she moved to the U.K.  She signed a deal with one of Sony's sublabels and released her first single "Taken for Granted" in early 2000, and debut album " Healing is Difficult" followed in 2001. Then she collaborated with Zero 7 for three albums. She started gaining popularity in the US with her single "Breathe Me". Then she went over there for a tour, and her fan base increased further. She has also written songs for Christina Aguilera's new album. "We Are Born" has been marked her best album yet.
I first noticed her last year while i was watching gossip girl.- If any of you watch gossip girl out there, remember the song thats playing when Chuck and Blair are at the train station in paris? EPIC SCENE btw....- Well the song playing in the background is I'm In Here by Sia, also my favorite song from her album. 
So check her out!
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