Wednesday, March 21, 2012


- so this is me, enjoying the lovely sunny valencia during Fallas break, which is now officially over, and thus slowly I along with my fellow classmates begin our road to finals ! This picture is probably as relaxed as i will feel until after the 17th of may at 4:30.

-on my break, apart from incessant partying, i watched 7 movies, some recommendable.. and some very much not.

"Bad Teacher" starring Cameron Diaz was pretty boring although it did have some funny bits.

"Love and Other Drugs" genuinley surprised me, i was expecting a corny love movie, but turns out it was really good movie, and i totally feel identified with Maggie's (portrayed by Anne Hathaway) fear of commitment and shroud character when it comes to men. On top of that, you gotta love Jake Gyllenhal, walking around my computer screen looking all gorgeous, what i wouldn't give to have him yummmmmm. All in all i totally recommend this movie to everyone !

"The Social Network" was kind of a let down, after how publicized it had been, the main actor was fantastic in portraying the creator of Facebook, a boy so arrogant i hope i never meet someone like that... However the story advanced very slowly, and i got a little bored, nonetheless it was a very interesting movie. 

"The Town" starring Ben Affleck, also a great action movie dealing with bank heists, love triangles, family dramas in the Boston town of Charlestown. Love the boston accents, and Affleck and his co-stars play fantastic characters with a lot of energy. Besides i really love bank heist movies hahaha...

Which brings us to "Public Enemies", my brother raved about this movie when it first came out, and i never got around to watching it until yesterday, and i must say he had reason to rave about it. Johnny Depp plays John Dillinger, the most infamous bank robber in the early 1930s, and as usual he shows a completely stunning performance along side the beautiful Marion Cotillard, whose accent i adore !

Also starring Depp i watched "The Rum Diary" which I had tried to watch 100 times, but was always interrupted. Yesterday i finally got through it, and it was different than i had expected, it was definitely a very Depp movie; artsy, bohemian, liberalism, quirkiness... I also enjoyed the wonderful setting of the movie, Puerto Rico.

Finally i watched "American Pie: Beta House" which is always a laugh !

- apart from partying and watching movies, i cam to a blatant realization that bikini season is upon us here in Spain, and it may time to tone those legs, so as of tomorrow i am going to start running in the mornings again, which always used to give me a boosting energy for the rest of the day ! :D

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