Sunday, February 12, 2012

toni and guy valencia.

- yesterday, after much worrying and fear i got to the hairdressers, a nervous wreck. I had an appointment at Tony and Guy in Valencia and i was terrified. I have slight fear of haircuts, due to painful trips to the hairdressers as a child. i cautiously walked in to the stylish place and was immediately caught off guard by the happy bustling around of the professionals, and the smiles and laughter on the customer's faces. I was asked to sit down on one of the two leather couches, as the only female employer took my coat. she asked me if she could get me a cup of coffee or tea, since i was a bit shy i opted  not to take her offer. I sat back in the sofa reading this month's British Vogue, still slightly nervous but surprisingly comfortable. Then i was called to .... The Chair, I grabbed my LV hand bag, and placed next to the chair, then i sat down. The next five hours would take place between this chair and the rinsing place.  Within seconds of speaking to the female hairdresser i was completley comfortable, and at ease. They all took a lot of time and dedication in to my very complicated hair, and i must say the end result is amazing.
The staff at Toni and Guy have admirable dedication and perseverance are truly the finest hairdressers i have met.
visit Toni and Guy in Valencia at:

Calle Felix Pizcueta N9 PC, Valencia, Spain, 46004. Tel: +34 96 352 9020.


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