Wednesday, December 7, 2011

- so yeah, it's just been one of those days where you wake up way too, late and then everything else is late. Then you can't figure out what to wear, and your ridiculously small ipod is gone again, so you have to walk to school angrily with no music.
luckily as the morning went in to the afternoon things got better...
I am especially excited this evening, because tomorrow im off to england to visit my older siblings. which means four days of shopping, partying, family time and fish'n'chips!! Unfortunately it means i will not be blogging til sunday night when i get back. so cherio my lovely visitors! <3

on a different note, if any of you saw Gossip Girl last night, please pray that Chuck Bass does not get kicked of the show, or leaves the show. without Chuck Bass,  there is no show! im sure everyone agrees with me... besides Chuck and Blair are meant to be, and the show cannot end if they dont end up together..

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