Sunday, September 11, 2011


- today, 10 years ago a tragedy struck the great concrete jungle, where all dreams are made of, New York City. Two aeroplanes were hijacked and crashed in to the World Trade Center, the heart of world business. It was also responsible for taking the lives of hundreds of people, robbing families of one of their members, and creating a sorrow that spread all around the world. Today everyone who lived it, whether it be on television, in a newspaper, or live, will remember the day and pay their respects.
I still remember that day, I was six years old and i had been sick so i had stayed home from school. I was watching something on televison when the news abruptly came on, and showed the horrifying images of the buildings burning, the thick black smoke, the bright red fire, and the people scrambling out of the building for air or to end their pain. As i was that young i didn't understand, but when my mother came home from picking up my sister and saw me watching it her expression of surprise was hard not to notice. The day after the joined my entire school out in the park and the principal gave a speech, which made some of the teachers cry...Still i didnt understand the gravity of the situation till i was bit older.
It's terrible that there are people in the world capable of such malice, but when we experience something like that it makes us more aware, it lights a fire inside of us and it makes us stronger.
So all of the victims of 9/11 may you forever rest in peace.

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