Friday, September 2, 2011


- Blake Lively has always struck me as a girl who plays it safe with a hint of couture and glam, when it comes to clothes. But this outfit really surprised me. In this case  Blake opted for a Gucci burnt orange, leather dress, nipped in with a belt in the same colour and material. I must say i wasn't thrilled when i first saw it, but i must say the look grew on me. The colour looks fantastic on her sunkissed skin, also this colour (along with red, brown, bordeaux, yellow, etc...) is super in style in the coming season. Leather is hard to pull off put her figure looks great wrapped around it, and according to Vogue September (british) skin on skin is the next new thing in the autum collections. So go Blake! She went for a daring stylish look.Also good call on the low toned make-up and silver jewelry let the dress do the talking!

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