Sunday, June 12, 2011


- The other day my friend sent me a link to this blog, so i clicked on the link and to my surprise it was a blog a 15 year old girl had set up to talk about her life as a teen mother. This girl is from Sweden, she got pregnant when she was 14 and had the baby when she was 15. She now has a blog, which pays her to talk about pregnant stuff. In the US there is the show called "16 and Pregnant", and there the young women are paid 16000 dollars an episode to be pregnant, and have a child, and all the dramaz that goes with it. The reality is that these to things don't happen when a young girl gets pregnant, only  a lucky few get put on the show, and there are 75000 young girls who get pregnant in the US, per year. The wave of tee pregnancy has begun, since the media has manipulated this to be something glamorous and to be proud of. What about those girl who made a pact to get pregnant the same week??? I mean people, we live in a educated society, where condoms and birth control are available. Being pregnant and having a baby is tough, and you can forget about living your life and college, unless you have really nice parents. So people don't be stupid, and USE A CONDOM.

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