Sunday, June 5, 2011


- Yesterday I enjoyed a quiet evening in, watching "The Tourist" with my parents. I thought it was a very interesting story. Stellar acting by Angelina Jolie, and she looked beautiful as always, although I might add a little too thin. Her english accent was pretty good as well. My fave actor Johnny Depp slightly disappointed me, I think he has done better, but still he was fantastic with his witty way of phrasing. I really didn't like the fact that once again, the gangsters were Russian, maybe they should have gangsters from countries other than Russia, its getting old.
The setting of the movie is lovely, I adore Venice, it is one of the most enchanting charismatic cities on earth, i mean really you take a boat instead of cab!
Also i think the movie advanced a little too fast and it was as if thing were missing i between. Other than that i recommend you to watch it and i give it a 3/5.

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