Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Three amazing, strong, characters starring in 90210 and Gossip Girl. Blair and Naomi are the ultimate schemers, the high school bitches, but hard as nails. Nothing gets them down, the just keep going no matter what. Blair Waldorf comes out with famous quotes like: "Don't put your destiny in someone else's hands" or "They say when you don't like something you should slam the door in it's face". Naomi, with a similar attitude, but a bit softer, she moves everything, and even when things go bad for her, she pushes it aside and keeps smiling (i.e. Ivy's wedding). And then there is Serena, beautiful, lively,tall with an amazing figure, exactly what any healthy attractive girl should aspire to look like. She's not skinny as hell, and has amazing curves. Also her character has been through a lot and has matured significantly since the first season. So even though they aren't real they are all amazing head strong girls, they go for their set goals, and NO ONE MESSES WITH THEM.

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