Thursday, January 20, 2011

Elie Saab Fall-Winter 2011

So I was checking out some of the pictures from the Paris fashion week and loved what I saw. Especially the Elie Saab Fall-Winter 2011 collection. Beautiful, clothing, like a work of art. The first dress we see is a wedding dress. Now it may not be a traditional white wedding dress, but any woman walking down in this new Elie Saab would look absolutely breath taking. The combination of the draped gauzy material, the embroided, and the suttle shiny material placed under the gauzy, making it faintly visible. The bridal dress, has a magical quality to it, and would be fit for a fairy princess. The the red gala type dresses also caught my attention, what better way to turn heads that to walk into a room wearing a floor length gown in a passionate colour. Apart form that we can see lots of nude, simple colours: greys, creams, browns, golds, with the exception of two gowns. These two have a fiery touch, the red, the antique gold and the flowyness of the dress, almost makes the models look like a walking flame. Also we notice a lot of single shoulder dresses, and asymmetrical cuts.
The dresses kind of bring you back in time. The have a very vintage look, and they have an old fashioned intention of seduction: Most of the dresses very seductively covered up, but then they have teasing bare back.
If only had an event worthy of wearing one of these dresses hehehe. Check them below:

My favorite one is the 3rd one. The red lace one, very daring. Actually, Rihanna wore it to the 2010 AMAs (American Music Awards). She totally rocks the look, with those crimson curls, the dress and of course the red carpet.

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